Property and Land for Sale in Northern Ontario

Dignam has a huge selection of properties for sale in Northern Ontario. View our listings below to find a tract of hunting land or a recreational retreat. H.M. Dignam Corporation Ltd. is the most respected name in Canadian country acreage, complete with financing and a two year exchange policy.


South West Part of the South Part, Lot 11, Concession 4, Township of Godfrey, City of Timmins, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 40 acres or 16.1 hectares. Located ten miles west of the city centre of Timmins, this semi-remote...

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Southeast Quarter of the South Half, Lot 2, Concession 6, Playfair Township, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 40.1 acres or 16.2 hectares. Located two miles east of Trans-Canada Highway 11 and the hamlet of Ramore, this large,...

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Southeast Quarter of the South Half, Lot 5, Concession 5, Sanford Township, Municipality of Machin, District of Kenora, Ontario, 40.6 acres or 16.4 hectares. This large tract of land lies in the midst of a vast area teeming with...

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East Half Lot 14, Concession 5, Township of Casgrain, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 75 acres or 30.3 hectares. Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of Crown land, this good sized tract of land is ideal for the outdoor...

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Lot 5, Concession 4, Township of Glackmeyer, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 150 acres or 60.7 hectares. Surrounded by Crown land, this large acreage measures three thousand, nine hundred feet on its east and west sides....

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Lot 52, Plan H-542, Township of Plummer Additional, District of Algoma, Ontario, 1.35 acres or .54 hectares. Fully surveyed, this lot is located a half mile west of the town limits of Bruce Mines in a quiet, tree covered setting....

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Parts 3, 4, 5 and 6, Plan 6R-8675, Part of North Half Lot 6, Concession 4, Township of Clergue, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 18.59 acres or 7.52 hectares. Newly surveyed, this large corner parcel offers a total of two thousand,...

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Parts 1 & 2, Plan 6R-4782, Part Lot 6, Concession 2, Township of Calvert, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 21.26 acres or 8.61 hectares. Easy to reach, this fully surveyed tract of land has one thousand, five hundred and...

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Part 5, Plan 23R-12367, Part of North Half of the South Half of Lot 16, Concession 6, Township of Aubrey, now the Municipality of Machin, District of Kenora, Ontario, 25.15 acres or 10.185 hectares. Located amid some of the best...

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West Half Lot 8, Concession 8, Township of McCrea, Opasatika, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 75 acres or 30.3 hectares. This large rectangular tract of land has a depth of three thousand, nine hundred and sixty feet on its east...

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Parts 3 & 4, Plan 6R-7736, Part Lot 3, Concession 1, Township of Hislop, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 17.35 acres or 7 hectares. Triangular in shape, this acreage offers one thousand, four hundred and seventy feet of year...

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