151 acres or 61.1 hectares 49.5973880, -83.295271

Lot 3, Concession 2, Devitt Township, Cochrane District, Ontario, 151 acres or 61.1 hectares. Located two and a half kilometers southwest of Trans-Canada Highway 11 and the riverside community of Mattice, this large tract of land is easy to reach and ready to use. Rectangular in shape, it has a depth of nearly four thousand feet and a width of over one thousand, six hundred feet. An unmaintained road allowance passes along the entire northern boundary and the complete south side borders thousands of acres of Crown land providing access to the Missinaibi River just over three hundred yards east. This historic canoe route leads through hundreds of kilometers of pristine wilderness before reaching the James Bay watershed. Fishing for pike, perch, walleye and bass can be quite productive. Topographically the property is mainly level and covered in poplar, spruce, birch and balsam. A small clearing in the north central sector should provide the perfect location for a “cabin in the woods.” An old trail from the north boundary to the south was cut out years ago for easy access to the rear of the land. To reach the property follow Old Indian Burial Site Road south from Highway 11. The road ends near the northeast corner where a good trail continues along the unmaintained road allowance on the complete northern boundary of the property. Minerals are reserved to the Crown. Lots of game and plenty of fishing opportunities. Price $88,880.00, payable $12,980.00 deposit with order and sixty monthly payments of $1,265.00 each, and interest; or $79,992.00 (being 10% off) if paid $12,993.00 deposit with order and $66,999.00 within thirty days thereafter.

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