Land for Sale in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a uniquely diverse province offering a wide range of interests. Its Atlantic coastline provides miles and miles of sandy shoreline. In fact, there are over fifty beaches in the province for those who enjoy all waterside activities. To the south is the Bay of Fundy with the world’s highest tide – awe inspiring for those who have never experienced this remarkable daily occurrence. Central New Brunswick is comprised of large forested tracts of Crown land with large rolling hills and rivers and streams of all descriptions. There are 48 rivers in the province and hundreds of brooks and creeks of various sizes providing excellent fresh water fishing opportunities.

Land for sale in New Brunswick is also quite diverse. Ranging from large acreages for sale to smaller building parcels with all services. Dignam Corporation has been offering property for sale in New Brunswick for many years – providing something for everyone.

Those who purchase property in New Brunswick will quickly embrace the warm hospitality of the Acadian culture.

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