Land for Sale in Cape Breton

If you are looking for adventure amid a natural pristine landscape, Cape Breton Island may be exactly what you are looking for.

From the small quaint fishing villages, still active in pursuit of their maritime bounty, to the larger modern centre’s with shopping and entertainment, one will never tire of the Acadian culture and the warm hospitality of those who live there.

Landscape in Cape Breton has plenty to offer from multiple beaches to vast, forest covered hillsides mixed with rivers, brooks and rolling fields.  Early Scottish settlers said the beauty rivaled the majestic landscape of their homeland.

Year after year Cape Breton is voted by many, including National Geographic, as one of the most scenic places on earth – a must see destination.

Land for sale in Cape Breton is also quite diverse.  Acreages for sale range from small cottage and home lots to larger recreational tracts.  Dignam Corporation has been offering property for sale in Cape Breton for many years and has something for everyone.

Why not purchase your own property in Cape Breton and experience the music, the people and the scenery for yourself.

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