Property and Land for Sale in Northern Ontario

Dignam has a huge selection of properties for sale in Northern Ontario. View our listings below to find a tract of hunting land or a recreational retreat. H.M. Dignam Corporation Ltd. is the most respected name in Canadian country acreage, complete with financing and a two year exchange policy.


East Half Lot 14, Concession 5, Township of Casgrain, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 75 acres or 30.3 hectares. Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of Crown land, this good sized tract of land is ideal for the outdoor...

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Southwest Quarter of North Half of Lot 1, Concession 2, Skead Township, District of Timiskaming, Ontario, 40 acres or 16.19 hectares. This parcel, measuring one thousand three hundred and twenty feet on each of its four sides,...

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North Part Lot 4, Concession 6, Southworth Township, District of Kenora, Ontario, 151.5 acres or 61.3 hectares. This large tract of land is located in an unorganized township only two miles northeast of Trans-Canada Highway 17...

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Part 1, Plan 1R-2972, Part Lot 2, Range A, Plan 5, Town of Bruce Mines, District of Algoma, Ontario, 4.5 acres or 1.8 hectares. Situated on the north shore of Lake Huron at the junction of Highways 638 and Trans Canada Highway...

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Lot 3, Concession 4, Township of Glackmeyer, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 150 acres or 60.7 hectares. This large tract of land has many attributes. Rectangular in shape, it is three thousand, nine hundred feet deep and the...

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Part 1, Plan 1R-13052, Part Lot 8, Concession 5, Township of Striker, District of Algoma, Ontario, 3.5 acres or 1.42 hectares. This fully treed triangular property boasts of seven hundred and seventy-three feet of paved,...

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Lot 9, Plan 1M-463, Pumpkin Point Road, Laird Township, Algoma District, Ontario, 1.38 acres or .5 hectares. Originally established as an estate setting, this fully surveyed parcel is located approximately three hundred yards...

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Part 1, Plan 1R-13085, Part Lot 7, Concession 3, Basswood Lake Road, Township of Day, now the Municipality of Huron Shores, District of Algoma, Ontario, 3.98 acres or 1.6 hectares. Certainly easy to see why this property is...

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Lot 32, Plan 54M-346, Goodfish Lake Road, Township of Morrisette, Kirkland Lake, District of Timiskaming, Ontario, 2.25 acres or .9 hectares. This one has some great attributes! Located only three miles north of the town of...

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Lots 150, 151 and Part of Lots 152 and 153, Plan M-123, Ontario Street, Larder Lake Townsite, Township of Hearst, District of Timiskaming, Ontario, .34 acre. With electrical, telephone and town water available at roadside, here...

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Part 2, Plan 1R-7201, Range A, Lot 2, Lorne Street, Bruce Mines, Algoma District, Ontario, 6.38 acres or 2.6 hectares. This good sized parcel is fully surveyed and easy to reach. It is located within the town limits of Bruce...

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Lot 7, Plan M-512, Part Lot 32, Concession 8, Township of Bonfield, District of Nipissing, Ontario, .5 acre. This fully surveyed parcel is located twenty minutes west of the city of North Bay at the north end of Talon Crescent....

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