Since 1916

It is now over 98 years since John Sifton Dignam wandered into a public land auction on the front steps of the Old City Hall in Toronto – and that was how our company began.

Who could have imagined that lots in North York (Toronto), which were then selling for 20 cents, would be worth what they are today!

Today’s prices have risen dramatically since our early years, but give some thought as to what they will be in the year 2025 – and in the year 2030! Will you still be able to buy acreage properties?

And what will the price be then?

Will it be double or triple what it is today? And will it be available?

At that point in time the old Will Rogers saying may be more fact than humour: “Land – buy now, they ain’t making any more of the stuff.”

Present Day Operation

After 100 years as “the most respected name in country acreage,” Dignam Land is still unmatched by any other land company. Land is offered from coast-to-coast in Canada through a monthly “Property List” renowned for it’s “tell it like it is” descriptions.

Each issue contains approximately 120 properties all backed by Dignam’s guarantee of clear title and two year exchange privilege which is truly unique. “In-house” financing allows our customers to enjoy their dream of a piece of Canada to call their own while they pay for it on terms that suit their budget.


Northern & Southern Ontario – Land For Sale

Our corporation has been offering a wide array of land for sale in Ontario.  From large traits of vacant land to smaller parcels bordering crown land.  We have something to offer everyone.  Please browse our latest properties to find the one for you.

Western Provinces

Our corporation has been offering a wide range of land for sale in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, & Manitoba.  Please browse our latest properties and contact our office should you have any questions.  Our staff would be pleased to hear from you.


Atlantic Provinces

With their warm maritime hospitality, its the local people that create such fond memories in Canada’s Atlantic provinces. Our land for sale in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince ]Edward Island, & Newfoundland ranges from quiet country settings to lakefront and oceanfront lots along the coast and island lakes.  All this comes with that great maritime hospitality.