Property and Land for Sale in Ontario

Dignam has a wide selection of country acreages and properties for sale in Southern Ontario. View our listings below to find a parcel of land that meets your specific criteria. Whether it be a building lot or a recreational tract, you will find it here.


Part 1, Plan 48R-8432, Mount St. Patrick Road, Part Lot 9, Concession 14, Township of Admaston, County of Renfrew, Ontario, 1.63 acres or .66 hectare. This property is located in a quiet, lightly settled region eleven miles...

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Part Lot 15, Concession 15, Hillsview Road, Township of Monteagle, Hastings Highlands, County of Hastings, Ontario, 1 acre. Situated in an area known as the Hastings Highlands, this vast region is comprised of tree covered hills...

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Part 9, Plan 36R-8641, excepting Part 3, Plan 36R-10212, Part Lot 30, Concession 14, Highway 17, Township of Papineau, District of Nipissing, Ontario, 20.1 acres or 8.1 hectares. With a warm, pleasing southern exposure, this...

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