Property and Land for Sale in Prince Edward Island

Dignam Corporation offers a wide variety of land for sale in Prince Edward Island. From large, vacant lands, for those who require room to stretch, to smaller lots that are ready to use – we have property for sale that should meet your criteria. Everything on the island revolves around the water, from food to entertainment. In fact they say that all roads on Prince Edward Island lead to the water. There are beaches in all directions and 33 golf courses spread out throughout the province. Why not purchase your own property in Prince Edward Island and enjoy all the benefits of life near the ocean?


Lot 14, Plan 53150B, Hope Valley Drive, Hope River, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, 1.52 acres or .61 hectare. Fully surveyed and easy to access, this property has a southern exposure with five hundred and sixty-eight feet...

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Lot 17, Drawing Number 74628, Lyle Lane, Stanley Bridge, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, .39 acre. A great location to enjoy the beauty of Prince Edward Island. It is situated just over a half mile southwest of the hamlet of...

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