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Contact our office to check the availability of your property of interest and arrange for the deposit. Contact us by phone at 705-721-1515, and fill out the form below.

Properties are sold first come, first served. Properties will be sold to the first person who contacts our office to arrange the required deposit.

To send your request via email, please complete the form below. We will reply to your request to verify availability of your requested property.


Terms of payment are quoted in the individual property descriptions and the purchaser may choose for himself whether to take advantage of the discount offered for cash or to pay in regular monthly installments. If payments are to be made by installments, the first monthly payment will fall due one month from the date of acceptance of the order and regularly each month thereafter on the same date until the purchase price is paid in full. Regularity of monthly payments is essential. Interest will be calculated monthly, on the unpaid balance of the account (including taxes paid on the customer’s behalf) at a rate of one percent per month (12.7 percent yearly). Account balances may be paid out at any time without penalty or other charges.