39 acres or 15.78 hectares 49.878367, -93.1011

Part of South Half Lot 3, Concession 6, Sanford Township, District of Kenora, Ontario, 39 acres or 15.78 hectares. McLeans Creek (also called Mafeking Creek), a good sized stream, forms the south, north and eastern boundaries of this unique acreage. It originates from various lakes to the north and empties into the Wabigoon River just over two miles south.  Somewhat triangular in shape, the parcels width measures approximately one thousand, seven hundred feet. Bordering Crown land, the west side measures about one thousand, four hundred feet in depth. High and dry with plenty of mature trees, the terrain gradually slopes to an open meadow setting around the waters edge. Perfect habitat for all game, particularly deer and moose. Located ten miles northeast of the community of Eagle River, this region remains in its natural state. In fact the entire township to the north is comprised of Crown land for those looking to hunt, fish or explore. Although the North Minnitaki Road is two hundred yards east of the property, access is easiest by the mile long trail that leads through the Crown land to the west border of this offering. Trans Canada Highway 17 is four miles south on its way northwest to Vermillion Bay and east to Dryden. Price $44,440.00, payable $7,990.00 deposit with order and fifty monthly payments of $729.00 each, and interest; or $39,996.00 (being 10% off) if paid $7,997.00 deposit with order and $31,999.00 within thirty days thereafter.

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