8.2 acres or 3.31 hectares 48.1411, -79.5474 Electrical and Telephone Services

Part 3, Plan 54R-2864, Mining Claim 35528, Township of McGarry, District of Timiskaming, Ontario, 8.2 acres or 3.31 hectares. This parcel is located two kilometres west of the Quebec border and the hamlets of Kearns and Virginiatown are the same distance west. A survey indicates there are iron bars planted on all four corners. Rectangular in shape, the depth on the east and west sides average over one thousand, three hundred feet and the width is three hundred and twenty-three feet. The southwest corner appears to touch the north side of Highway 66 where power and telephone services are located. Because of the curve in the road, access would be best gained from the old Highway 66 which leads from the west to the centre of the property. It was re-routed years ago and now acts as a good trail providing easy access. Topographically, the property is covered in mature trees and the land is high and dry with a rise from west to east. Perfect location for a “cabin in the woods”. Virginiatown rests on the northeast shoreline of Larder Lake. A vast waterway with miles of bays and islands to explore and is noted for an abundance of trout and walleye. Miles of shoreline are Crown land – perfect for a shore lunch. Minerals are reserved. Price $22,220.00, payable $3,970.00 deposit with order and fifty monthly payments of $365.00 each, and interest; or $19,998.00 (being 10% off) if paid $3,999.00 deposit with order and $15,999.00 within thirty days thereafter.

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