49.2 acres or 20 hectares 48.8192567, -94.676087 Electricity and Telephone Services

Part 6, Plan 48R-3967, Part of Northeast Quarter of Section 16, Township of Dawson, Municipality of Atwood, District of Rainy River, Ontario, 49.2 acres or 20 hectares. This large parcel of land is completely surveyed and provides a number of options for building or future subdividing. Acting as its eastern boundary, River Road provides eight hundred and twenty feet of year round roadfrontage with power and telephone services at roadside. Depth on the north and south measures two thousand, six hundred and fifty-four feet. Topographically, the land is quite level and fully treed in spruce, poplar, pine, ash and birch. There is an old entrance off the road which may now require some thinning. It provides access to the rear sector of the property. There is an abundant population of deer in the area as well as rabbits and partridge. Just over a mile northwest is the wide, slow moving waters of the Rainy River which derives from Lake of the Woods, two miles north. The lake and its vast waters is a popular destination offering some of the province’s best fishing for pike, bass, walleye and muskie. Here, the river serves as the Canada/USA border. Town of Rainy River is ten miles southeast where one will find a variety of goods and services as well as border crossing facilities. Price $46,660.00, payable $8,660.00 deposit with order and fifty monthly payments of $760.00 each, and interest; or $41,994.00 (being 10% off) if paid $8,995.00 deposit with order and $32,999.00 within thirty days thereafter.

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