92 acres or 37.2 hectares 45.153278, -77.114743 Electricity and Telephone Service

Part Lot 13, Concession 4, Township of Matawatchan, County of Renfrew, Ontario, 92 acres or 37.2 hectares. Located within the Madawaska Highlands, this large hardwood bush has many fine attributes. Surveyed at roadside, it has three hundred and sixty-nine feet of paved roadfrontage on the west side of Matawatchan Road where power and telephone services pass by. There is also a small, half acre, triangular section on the east side of the road, which borders two hundred acres of Crown land. This offering has a total width on the east and west measuring one thousand, three hundred feet and a depth averaging over two thousand, five hundred feet. Terrain rises from roadside and plateaus in a large, level section of mature hardwood in the centre sector. There is a gentle downward slope in the west half where a small creek and a ten acre grass covered field are located toward the rear. Perfect habitat for the abundant white tail deer and other game that frequent this area. A quiet rural setting, there are dozens of lakes, rivers and other waterways in the area. Hamlet of Matawatchan is only a half mile south and the famed Madawaska River is two miles north where it flows into Centennial Lake. Town of Griffith at Highway 41 is only six miles further north and offers a variety of supplies. Price $66,660.00, payable $7,920.00 cash with order and sixty monthly payments of $979.00 each, and interest; or $59,994.00 (being 10% off) if paid $7,795.00 cash with order and $52,199.00 within thirty days thereafter.

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