150 acres or 60.7 hectares 49.081062, -80.776677

Lot 15, Concession 3, Township of Kennedy, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 150 acres or 60.7 hectares. This large tract has many fine attributes. First, it is located within an unorganized township providing much more flexibility for future use. Secondly, it borders Crown land on the entire north, south and east sides. In fact, to the east, there are no other private lands within fifty miles. However, there are hundreds of trails, lakes and rivers within that vast expanse. Rectangular in shape, the east and west sides of the property measure almost four thousand feet and the width is one thousand, six hundred and fifty. Fully treed, the terrain is mainly level except for a slight rise in the central and eastern sectors. As a bonus, a creek passes through from southwest to northeast. This is a branch of the Sucker River which is located a short distance to the south. Lying thirteen miles east of the town of Cochrane, simply follow Highway 652, then north on Murphy Road to the 2/3 Concession Road. Proceed east a half mile to the end where a good wide trail continues to the property, a half mile further. This trail continues along the entire south side of the property and into the vast Crown lands to the east. Price $33,330.00, payable $4,980.00 cash with order and fifty monthly payments of $567.00 each, and interest; or $29,997.00 (being 10% off) if paid 4,998.00 cash with order and $24,999.00 within thirty days thereafter.

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