160 acres or 64.78 hectares 48.437202, -80.25002

South Half of Lot 10, Concession 6, Township of Cook, District of Cochrane, Ontario, 160 acres or 64.78 hectares. Completely surrounded by Crown land, this large tract is ideally suited to the outdoor enthusiast. Square in shape, this large acreage measures two thousand, six hundred and forty feet on each side. Fully treed, the previous owner states that the black spruce were twenty-five feet tall in 2002. Terrain slopes from south to north with a high area in the centre which offers some rock outcrops. There is a low, wet area toward the north boundary providing excellent habitat for the moose and other game that frequent this region. Located four miles east of Trans Canada Highway 11 and the community of Ramore, simply follow Hawk Road to a parking area at the end. From there, the extension of the road is a good wide trail better suited for an ATV. Proceed east one kilometer to the southwest corner of the property. This trail continues along the entire south side of the property. It is also groomed in the winter for easy access by snowmobile. Another trail exists on the property which leads one to the high rock area and provides a good view of the surrounding countryside. Price $28,880.00, payable $4,980.00 cash with order and fifty monthly payments of $478.00 each, and interest; or $25,992.00 (being 10% off) if paid $4,993.00 cash with order and $20,999.00 within thirty days thereafter.

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