100 acres or 40.4 hectares 45.7062210, -60.453864

PID 75078626, MacCormicks Brook, Framboise Intervale, Richmond County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, 100 acres or 40.4 hectares. The entire southwestern boundary of this large tract of land borders MacCormicks Brook for approximately four thousand feet. Somewhat rectangular, the depth on the northwest and southeast sides averages over one thousand, five hundred feet. Width on the northeast side is three thousand, three hundred feet. As a bonus, the entire north, south and west sides border thousands of acres of Crown land. Although trees were harvested a few years ago, there is plenty of regrowth and large sections that were not cut resulting in large open views and pockets of tall timber. Mainly level, the terrain has a very slight rise from southeast to northwest. MacCormicks Brook flows two miles southeast into Upper Marie Joseph Lake which in turn empties into the Atlantic Ocean two miles further east. Waterside community of Framboise is five miles east of the property. Proceed southwest four miles on Fourchu Road to Macaskills Road, a seasonal route that leads one mile through Crown land to a bridge at the properties south boundary. An on-site inspection would determine the current condition of the bridge and the old logging road leading into the centre of the land. Perfect for those looking for something quiet and slightly off the grid. Price $28,880.00, payable $3,980.00 deposit with order and fifty monthly payments of $498.00 each, and interest; or $25,992.00 (being 10% off) if paid $3,993.00 deposit with order and $21,999.00 within thirty days thereafter.

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