Land for Sale in New Brunswick

Our Corporation has been offering lands for sale in New Brunswick for many decades. A diverse province, New Brunswick offers miles upon miles of saltwater shoreline, a multitude of rivers and brooks of all description and hundreds of thousands of acres of Crown land. Dignam Corporation has property for sale in New Brunswick for those looking for a quiet place to enjoy. Regardless if you are seeking a large parcel of vacant land or a smaller property closer to Crown land, you should keep an eye on our inventory .


Lot 2011-01, Plan 45004686, PID 45189123, Highfield Road, Parish of Johnston, Queens County, New Brunswick, 6.25 acres or 2.5 hectares. Easy to reach, this good sized parcel is midway between the City of Moncton to the east and...

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PID10058485, Route 110, Hartley Settlement, Parish of Wicklow, County of Carleton, New Brunswick, 5.7 acres or 2.3 hectares. Resting in a quiet rural setting, this parcel is located on the west side of the province, just over a...

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PID 75523100, Love Road, Parish of Dumfries, County of York, New Brunswick, 6.4 acres or 2.6 hectares. Located on the corner of Love Road and Highway 2 Access Road, this property has a total of over one thousand feet of road...

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PID 25356551, St. Athanase Road, Parish of Acadieville, Kent County, New Brunswick, 5 acres or 2 hectares. Located four miles southeast of the town of Rogersville, this property lies in a quiet, wooded area that remains lightly...

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PID 00113795, Harper Settlement Road, Cardwell Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick, 18.4 acres or 7.4 hectares. This large parcel is situated thirty-two miles southwest of the City of Moncton and the same distance north of the...

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Lot 05-5, Plan 05-18, Horton’s Grant Subdivision, Parish of Hardwicke, County of Northumberland, New Brunswick, 5.4 acres or 2.19 hectares. This newly surveyed corner lot is located twenty miles east of the city of Miramichi...

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PID 25461856, St. Athanase Road, Parish of Acadieville, Kent County, New Brunswick, 5 acres or 2 hectares. This parcel of land is situated twenty-three miles west of Kouchibouguac National Park and the Atlantic coastline. City of...

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